Agde : The black pearl of the Mediterranean

Ancient city of Greek origin “Agathé tyché” where good fortune offers a unique architecture in Languedoc Roussillon. This city built of volcanic stone between the Canal du Midi and the Hérault River is one of the oldest cities in France. Agde is a city of undoubtedly southern character, its black stone buildings, from the Mont Saint Loup and its volcano, hang it out of time.

You will be surprised by the richness of its heritage and the diversity of its basalt historic monuments.
Learn more about the mysterious city of Agde on a guided tour, you can discover the impressive Saint Etienne cathedral by its colour and fortress, the old ramparts, the cobbled streets, the old buildings and the old districts, a magnificent stroll that you can finish in one of the many restaurants on the quays of the Hérault.

To visit:

Les métiers d’art d’Agde – Gallery of the black pearl
Since 2012, the Galerie de la Perle Noire has been an exhibition space that presents creators from the Great South and the Mediterranean region. Every year, it organizes two exhibitions that showcase a selection of artists from the painter to the sculptor, thinking through the presentation of unique works of art.
The Black Pearl Gallery is the starting point of the Art Workshops and Black Pearl tour, which welcomes some thirty creators in residence.
Art and culture lovers will be served.

Le Château Laurens
By a footbridge, you reach the Belle Ile public park. A very pretty park where you can admire Château Laurens, built in 1898 and classified as a historic monument. This building, representative of art nouveau and orientalism, is to be discovered. You will enjoy the large park, Naturde feeding the ducks while admiring the swans, but also the view of the castle of neoclassical architecture, the Hérault and the city of Agde.

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