Protected Nature

Protected Nature

The “Agathoise” coast is also an exceptional environment !

In Agde, lovers of green tourism and wide open spaces will not be left out, between river, pond, sea and land, lovers of green tourism can only be seduced by the destination. We are committed to preserving this unprecedented heritage for your enjoyment. At Agde we offer you pure happiness.


If you are passing through the region you must absolutely discover La Réserve naturelle Nationale du Bagnas.Le Bagnas is a natural area classified as a National Nature Reserve since 1983 and a Natura 2000 Site since 2004, the reserve is a protected site. This former salt works shelters an exceptional flora and fauna: dragonflies, freshwater turtles, reptiles, birds, amphibians… and these unique landscapes offer an important biodiversity due to varied natural environments (sansouires, salt meadows, lagoons…).
ADENA : the Association for the Defence of the Environment and Nature of the Pays d’Agde offers you thematic guided tours and a programme of activities around the reserve all year round. Access is only possible during these guided tours which can be done on foot, at sunset, by bike, on horseback…

With the Mont Saint Loup Cap sur la nature !

Did you know that Cap Agde has a volcano overhanging it, you are surprised? and yet it is not so surprising. Indeed, it is this volcano whose eruption dates back 750,000 years that has given its colour and character to the city of Agde, whose architecture largely uses basalt stone, it is also at the origin of the magnificent cove of La Conque and the cliff of the 2 brothers with its iridescent grey tone.

Mont Saint Loup by foot, jogging, cycling or even for a family walk, it’s up to you!

Keep away from traffic, climb to the top and suspend time, the panorama is breathtaking. A view of the whole region is available to you: from Agde to the Bagnas National Nature Reserve, via the Thau pond and the sea to infinity, it is worth a visit, that’s for sure!

With your family, you can enjoy a walk to the top on the Emilia trail or path while enjoying a luxuriant nature and two buildings “a semaphore” and the “Tour des Anglais”.

Mont Saint Loup will be the 100% natural moment of your stay.


The best for the end or almost! For a journey of art and history, let yourself be carried away by the Canal du Midi, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Canal du Midi is a unique work in the world, its 240 Kilometers connect Sète to Toulouse. Also you cannot pass through Agde or Cap d’Agde and do not stop there to discover the round lock of Agde and its 3 gates, enjoy an organized cruise that will take you to the pond of Thau or to Béziers, prefer the river port to discover the canal in complete autonomy with a small motor boat or a barge for rent.

The Canal du Midi it is also architectural jewellery: the round lock is a technical feat, it allows boats to turn on themselves to take one of the three possible exits: Béziers (towards Toulouse), Etang de Thau (by the Hérault) or the city of Agde, but also at Vias les Ouvrages du Libron, mobile aqueducts unique in the world or the lock of Portiragnes with unique charm.
The banks of the Canal du Midi are also suitable for hiking or cycling, a small picnic with the family can also be very pleasant for the holidays.

Did you know:

Specialised tour operators organise itinerant leisure bike tours along the Canal du Midi, ideal for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.